Writing Is Good for You -- Membership Makes It Easier

Yes, it can be frightening to face the blank page. Yes, your life is busy and sometimes just watching TV can feel more enticing than getting to work on your own computer screen. But writing -- whether it's poetry, fiction, essays, memoir, what have you -- is good for you. 

Creative work that engages mind and memory literally lights up your brain. According to the neuroscientist writing in this Psychology Today article, "creative writing is one of the best exercises we can do for aging brain." 

So how do you carve out the time and space -- not only mental space but physical, distraction-free space -- to explore your writing life, your writing mind? You join Decatur Writers Studio. It's easy! Members enjoy access to Decatur CoWorks, a quiet, professional space in which to write, with all your wi-fi, printing, and snack needs right at hand. You also benefit from a discount on all DWS classes, and special VIP access to events at the Decatur Book Festival.

Click here to learn more. Apply today. 

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