Writing a book? You need to take this class.

Let's say you've been working on a memoir or a collection of essays. Or perhaps you're trying to pull together all the advice you want to pass along in your field -- a guidebook to adopting internationally, an insider's look at how to start a community garden. 

What you need to write -- right now -- is a book proposal. A proposal is your first tool to get your book published. The right proposal will help you find an agent, a publisher, an audience for your work. 

How to get started? Take a three-hour class taught by Valerie Boyd, award-winning author and faculty at the University of Georgia. Her class will teach you how to write a book proposal that sells -- without selling out. Class is this Saturday, June 18. Sign up today! 

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  • Susan Johnson says...

    I’m so glad to see a substantial resource for writers in Atlanta. My main message is for Mr. Fulmer, however. Mr. Fulmer, will you be offering a novel-length mystery course? I’ve written one novel, a literary mystery, and am on a second, possibly also the same, but need help with craft and would like to just talk with other writers. The first novel is being read at Hachette but it has been there more than a year (slipped in through a colleague) so I’m not expecting anything from it. A workshop may be the antidote. Thanks very much. S Johnson

    December 21, 2016

  • Yvette says...

    So when is the next class 3 hour class on so you are trying to pull your book together?
    Thanks, YM

    August 28, 2016

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