Welcome to the Decatur Writers Studio!

Welcome to the Decatur Writers Studio!

So, you've been wanting to write a memoir. Or you've been hankering to finish that short story that's been rattling around your brain for months now. Or you have an idea -- you don't know yet if it'll work -- to write a children's book. 

And yet. There never seems to be the time, or a quiet space to gather your thoughts, or another writer (or several) to read what you're working on, offer feedback and guidance and support. And cheer you on when you finish that memoir, place the short story, publish the children's book. 

Now there is. 

The Decatur Writers Workshop, launching today in downtown Decatur, will be a place for the work to get done. A place for writers to gather. A place where you can take a class from someone whose work has already been published to great acclaim. A place that will help you explore your own literary creativity. 

We hope you'll join us. 

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