Crash Course: How to Think Like an Editor with Heidi Hill

Instructor: Heidi Hill

Self-editing is an essential skill for every writer. Being able to spot your weaknesses and evaluate and polish your own prose will improve your writing and make you a more confident, skillful writer. Some writers shrink from self-editing because it can be dull or, worse, painful. But the process of self-editing can be an exciting and fulfilling one if you learn how to think like an editor.

Understanding what a good editor does—how she reads, what she looks for, and the decisions she makes when editing—will help you fine-tune your writing and self-editing skills; it will also improve your ability to communicate clearly with any professional editor. In this three-hour hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to spot and fix common grammar, style, and content issues and practice editing sample pieces of writing and a selection of your own writing. You’ll also receive a list of helpful resources, a self-editing checklist, and feedback from the instructor, a seasoned editor.

Open to writers of all levels and genres.

Class Limit is 20.

$ 85.00

Biography: Heidi Hill has been a professional editor and writer for twenty years, first in small presses in Chicago, and most recently as a freelance copy editor and developmental editor. She has taught workshops on editing and revision at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Massachusetts and teaches a course on editing as an adjunct professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Lesley University’s Creative Writing MFA program.

Contact Information:

Date(s): Saturday, November 16

Class time: 10:00a.m. - 1:00p.m.

Type of Class: Crash Course

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