Let's Be Brief: Writing and Publishing Flash Fiction and the Short Story

Instructor: Anna Schachner

While the novel reigns supreme in the fiction industry and in most bookstores, the short story and its tenacious stepsister, the short-short (or flash fiction), are flourishing in many literary journals and small presses. For writers, stories are powerful, adaptable, and accessible in ways that novels are not. Working with these forms is the perfect apprenticeship. Crafting the short and the short-short story not only hones skills that readily transfer to other genres, poetry and the novel included, having published short stories in literary journals can be very helpful when it comes time to publish a story collection, a novel, or even a memoir.  

In this six-week course, we will study the short story and the flash fiction forms. We will explore literary journals that publish both, familiarizing ourselves with the marketing part of writing. Using writing prompts and armed with a discussion of technique, we will write one short story and two pieces of flash fiction. We will also use the workshop approach—peer critique, in other words—to inspire revision of each other’s work and to create an essential part of the writing life: community. At the course’s end, we will celebrate our progress by submitting our work to literary journals.

Participants will:

  • Explore various techniques of drafting short and short-short stories
  • Embrace the power of brevity
  • Become more active readers
  • Learn how to accept feedback and still honor their own creative vision/truth
  • Become familiar with literary journals and how to submit to them
  • Understand the difference between the joys of writing and the joys of publishing

The class is open to writers of all levels.

Class Limit is 12.

$ 350.00

Biography: A former music journalist, Anna Schachner has published short fiction and nonfiction in many journals and magazines, including Puerto del Sol, Ontario Review, and The Sun, and she contributes nonfiction about books and literary culture to publications such as The Guardian and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. You and I and Someone Else, her first novel, was a Foreword Indies Book of the Year finalist and a finalist for the Georgia Author of the Year. For years, she ran a series of writing workshops for veterans. She is on the Board of Directors of Reforming Arts and teaches writing in the Georgia prison system Originally from North Carolina, she lives in Atlanta, where she is director of the Townsend Prize for Fiction and the editor of The Chattahoochee Review. Visit her at annaschachner.com

Contact Information: infodecaturwritersstudio@gmail.com

Date(s): Monday. April 13 - May 18

Class time: 7:00p.m. - 9:00p.m.

Type of Class: Six Week Course

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