Crash Course: Building Your Characters with Nicki Salcedo

Instructor: Nicki Salcedo

People read stories for characters. Characters evoke emotion and empathy. Characters drive action and react. Characters evolve. Great characters are stay with your readers long after the story is over. How do you craft believable characters? They must make us feel something. In this class, you will learn how to develop characters sketches. Try method writing to get into the head of your character. Practice writing exercises that show the value of likable characters and the importance of characters we hate. We will delve into motivation, flaws, and mannerism that will strengthen your characters. Strong characters impact the plot and theme of your story. This class is for both writers of fiction and narrative non-fiction. You may bring characters from a work in progress or come ready to brainstorm ideas to create new characters.

Class Limit is 20.

$ 85.00

Biography: Nicki Salcedo is the author of a novel and three books of essays. The title piece for her latest collection, “In My Father’s Shoes,” is based on the bittersweet experience she had wearing her father’s shoes after he died. She’s a graduate of Stanford University where she studied English and Creative Writing. Her work has appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Good Housekeeping, Decaturish, and AtlantaLoop. Nickihas four kids. She works in the corporate world by day and writes at night. She loves connecting with writers and readers. Find out more at

Contact Information:

Date(s): Saturday, September 28

Class time: 10:00a.m. - 1:00p.m.

Type of Class: Crash Course

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