Crash Course: Get Ready, Get Set, Publish! with Angela DeCaires

Instructor: Angela DeCaires

Are you reallyready to start the publishing process? If you are interested in pursuing a nontraditional publishing option, you may think that having the manuscript done means it’s time to dive right into the rest of publishing process. But there’s a lot you may not have considered.

This three-hour session will educate writers on a variety of things a writer should have in place before they launch into the publishing process. Participants are asked to come prepared to discuss their manuscript, its intended audience, and more.

Topics we will cover include:

  • creating/honing your value proposition
  • clearly identifying your target audience
  • “shopping” for publishing support providers (designers, editors, publishing support providers, photographers) and protecting yourself and your work
  • developing a timeline for the publishing/launch/marketing
  • beginning a marketing plan
  • platform-building marketing activities to start on before and at the beginning of when the book publishing work gets rolling
  • and more!

This session is open to all writers interested in pursuing nontraditional book publishing.

Class Limit is 20.

$ 85.00

Biography: Angela DeCaires is the CEO of BookLogix. She has previously held positions as the Director of Publishing and Marketing & Communications Manager with the Atlanta-based publisher. Angela’s background includes experience in public relations, writing, broadcasting, and journalism, having spent a number of years as a TV news producer and news writer in New York state, followed by public relations work for health systems in both Florida and New York. She holds a degree in Communication/Journalism from St. John Fisher College.

Contact Information:

Date(s): Saturday, October 12

Class time: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Type of Class: Crash Course

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