Crash Course: Scriptwriting Class

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Do you have an idea for a movie or TV show, but you can't seem to get started writing your dream project? Have you started a script but never finished? Or you've never written anything close to a script, yet you want to? This six-hour class is designed to give beginning and intermediate scriptwriters the skills and courage needed to complete a feature-length script. In this class we’ll read and analyze film and scripts, learn screenplay format, practice writing scenes, outline students’ story ideas and write first scenes in class.

Lunch is included.

Class Limit is 12.


Saturday, May 5.

9 a.m.-4 p.m. 

Decatur Co-Works. 708 Church Street, just one block from Decatur Square and convenient to MARTA.

About the Instructor

Oreathia Smith is a scriptwriter with an MFA in Writing for the Screen and Television from the University of Southern California. She was a writer on Issa Rae's hit web-series Mis-Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl. In 2016, Oreathia's script Mona. Richy. Robby. And Ray was selected over 4,000 scripts to win the BlueCat Screenplay Writing Contest. Oreathia has been teaching scriptwriting since 2011.